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How Much Is A Quarter Of Weed In Each State? 

How Much Is A Quarter Of Weed

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Quick Summary: Roughly it is around 68$ but its prices fluctuate between 50$ to 100$. A quarter of weed cost depends on several factors such as strain, season, quality, dealers, states, cities, etc.

In easy wording, one-quarter of an ounce of marijuana is equal to one-quarter of weed so you can say that seven grams of weed is equal to ¼ ounces. Many cannabis consumers love this quantity because it can not to high or not too low for a regular weed smoker. 

Note:;If you are not a regular weed smoker then you should avoid ¼ ounces and try ⅛ ounces at first.

Understanding Weed Measurement 

Dried cannabis flowers are measured in grams, ounces, and pounds and after that are sold into the market. The price of a weed quarter depends on its measurement calibre and that is why a quarter of weed in gram price will be different from a quarter of weed prices in pounds.

Here is a quick summary:

1 eighth⅛-ounce3.5 grams
1 quarter ¼-ounce7 grams
1 half ½-ounce14 grams
1 ounce 28 grams
1 pound 453 grams

How Much Does a Quarter of Weed Cost?

The quarter of weed cost depends on state to state and city to city. Suppose you are in Los Angeles you can get ¼ ounce of weed for around 100$ and if you buy it from another city you can get it for around 60$. In addition, in seasons when the production of weed exceeds the demand of the buyers, you can get it even more cheaper.

How much is a gram of weed?

A gram also known as a dime bag costs around 5$ to 20$. It is perfect for those who just want to try weed for the first time and do not want to buy bulk quantities. 

How much is a dub of weed?

Dub is slang used for 20$, so the point of this question is how much weed can I buy with 20$? On average you can buy 2 grams of weed with a dubb.

How much is an eighth of weed?

An Eighth of weed is also known as a slice of weed or ⅛ ounce of weed. It consists of 3.5 grams. The average price of an eighth of weed is around 35$ to 60$. It is perfect for first-time weed smokers or recreational activities. 

How much is a half of weed? 

A half of weed is referred to as 14 grams of weed or approx ½ ounces. Its cost is anywhere between 100$ to 200$. 

How much is an ounce of weed?

An ounce of weed costs around 265$ and it is the largest amount of weed that an individual can buy at the dispensary store due to strict laws. But, if you are a cannabis seller who sells cannabis products then you can also buy it in bulk. 

How much is a zip of weed?

One ounce of weed is also known as a zip of weed and its cost is the same at around 200$ to 400$ depending on the strain, quality, season, etc. 

Factors Influencing Weed Quarter Prices

Several factors affect the prices of weed such as:

    • City
    • State
    • Dispensary or Local Dealer;
    • Season
    • Production Of Weed
    • Headings Of Weed

    • Strain Of Weed

Average Cost Of A Quarter Of Weed For Each State

Currently, 37 states allow cannabis sellers and companies to sell weed for recreational and medical purposes and each state’s costs are different from another we also see a heavy fluctuation of prices from city to city. Here is a quick breakdown:

Arizona $57.93
Delaware $65.48
Florida $56.45
Illinois $74.24
Maryland $70.73
Massachusetts $71.24
Mississippi $71.00
New Hampshire $74.46
New Jersey$74.73
New Mexico $56.94
New York$67.72
North Dakota$82.06
Oklahoma $50.00
Oregon $46.57
Pennsylvania $70.21
Rhode Island $63.80
South Dakota$69.05
Virginia $77.00
Vermont $75.47
Washington $47.67
Washington, DC$126.55
West Virginia$63.02

How Long Does A Quarter Of Weed Last?

A quarter of weed consists of 7 grams and you can make 7 joints or 10 bowls with it. That’s a rough estimate because it depends on your pipe size and roll size. Some people who are addicted to weed can use it for 7 days and some people who smoke occasionally can consume it for 2 months. So, it entirely depends on your consumption.

Comparing Weed Prices With Other Cannabis Products

The cost of other cannabis products fluctuates just like weed. You can buy dabs for around 30$ to $ 100$ per grab and zips for around 200$ to 400$. 


What Can You Expect After Consuming Quarter Of Ounce Weed?

The effect of weed after consumption depends on several factors such as tolerance level, strain, method of consumption, etc. It will fulfil all your needs. 

How Much THC Does A Quarter Ounce Of Weed Contain? 

In 7 grams of weed, there are approximately 1050 milligrams to 2100 milligrams of THC. This is more than enough to give you a good vibes. 

What Does A Quarter Ounce Of Weed Look Like? 

A Quarter of weed can be fitted inside a sandwich bag. But, it is a rough estimate because it entirely depends on strain and buds.

How Many Joints Can You Roll From A Quarter Ounce Of Weed?

On average an average joint of weed requires 0.5g which means that you can make approx 14 joints.

How To Properly Store A Quarter Ounce Of Weed?

To maintain the freshness of your weed you can store it in a cool environment, a dark palace, or inside an airtight jar.

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