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Pros And Cons Of Lost Mary Collection: Comprehensive Review 

Pros And Cons Of Lost Mary Collection

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Lost Mary vapes are at an all-time high, and recently, they launched their new Lost Mary collection. We have reviewed Lost Mary e-cigarettes, battery life, flavors, taste, tank capacity, and all other essential elements. Now, we are confident that we can make a quick guide on the advantages and disadvantages of the Lost Mary collection. After reading this review, you will be able to make an informed buying decision. 

What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Lost Mary Vape Collection?

Lost Mary has become one of the most popular vape brands among vapers due to its high-quality, classy design, long battery life, rich flavors, and many other things. After the launch of the Lost Mary vape collection, the internet was flooded. Everyone was asking what the pros and cons of the Lost Mary e-cigarette collection were, so we have decided to address them once and for all. So, shall we begin? 

Pros Of Lost Mary E-Cigarettes Collection

Lost Mary New Collection comes with several advantages, but we will go through the most important ones that can make you excited, such as:

Lost Mary Collection – Flavour Variety

As previously mentioned, one of the main reasons people choose Lost Mary over its competitors is that it offers many flavors, from tobacco to mint, mango to strawberry, salt-based flavors to nicotine-based flavors, and many more. This wide range of flavors has enabled Lost Mary to make a brand name for itself in the vape market.

Lost Mary Collection – Aesthetic Designs

No one can deny that Lost Mary vapes are elegant compared to their competitors. They offer unique and sleek designs that are super classy and minimalistic. In addition, Lost Mary e-cigarettes are very lightweight, which means men can carry them easily in their pockets, and women can carry them easily in their purses. With so many color options, you can choose Lost Mary vapes according to your taste. 

Lost Mary Collection – Easy Usage

We all get frustrated when we want to inhale flavors, but some issue always happens: either the coil is burnt, the battery is dead, or the flavor has ended. These Lost Mary vape collections have solved all of these issues in one go. They are easy to use: all you need to do is take your vape out of the pocket and just start inhaling it because they come with preloaded flavors. 

Cons Of Lost Mary E-Cigarettes Collection

Like everything else, the Lost Mary Mary collection has some cons that you need to remember before buying. We feel it is our responsibility to inform you so that you can make an informed buying decision. 

Lost Mary Collection – Battery Life Sucks

Our research shows that some users are complaining that the Lost Mary battery drains very quickly, and vapers are getting frustrated with it. Due to the shallow battery life, vaping time has also significantly reduced.

Lost Mary Collection – Small Tanks

The tank of Lost Mary vapes is tiny, just 1.2ml. Although it seems enough for casual vapers, it is not enough for heavy vapers because, with just a 1.2ml tank capacity, it can’t last a single day.

Lost Mary Collection – Premium Prices

Last but not least, the new Lost Mary Collection prices are slightly higher than the previous one. Compared to other brands, it seems expensive, according to some users.  

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